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From the beautiful French word, ÉLAN (meaning: enthusiasm, liveliness and flair)  comes the magical entity ELANCERA...the source of life's zest...home to twelve beautiful "Sages" (a.k.a. kindred spirits) intent to make your life better. Each one represents a different personality trait, and each would be thrilled to inspire all the life-loving girls out there. 

A list of the sages can be found along the right-hand margin, e.g. ALLIA or BRELLE.  Click to see who's who and what makes them unique.   When you find one that catches your eye, read her ever-changing E-POSTS filled with tidbits of interesting information. If you'd like to submit ideas for new E-POSTS...maybe, an experience that made you happy...or a trend that caught your eye...or stuff that's just plain quirky, click on "Contact Us" and send us your suggestions. 

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