AUTHOR:  Laurie Nenson                PUBLISHER:  Your Nickel's Worth, 2010


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In a blend of adventure, intrigue and emotion, the magical entity ELANCERA and its compelling sages chaperone a dream-journey into the depths of teenage imagination.  In a place where real-world meets surreal otherworld, a mind-boggling excursion ensues…

For popular teenager Willa Bell, the joy of winning a once-in-a-lifetime contest—the chance to meet the most famous heartthrob of her generation—is overshadowed by the dilemma of selecting a BFF to accompany her. Should it be her now-awkward lifelong friend, Greta Payne?   Or Ava Bradley, the coolest girl in school? 

Intent on making the most of a good thing, a self-absorbed Willa unwittingly beckons MELLA, an ELANCERA sage who makes her an offer no one would refuse.  Awakening anew amid the bizarre and unfathomable, Willa embarks on an adventure like no other. Then, after her mind has been suitably blown, she returns to reality forever changed, with proof positive that true friendship is the best prize of all.