The twelve sages (a.k.a. kindred spirits...awesome mentors...confidantes...soul-sisters...) are at the heart of ELANCERA, generating its life force. Their sole purpose is to help you seize the moment...today, tomorrow and every day thereafter.  

Where did they come from? Though they are borne out of whimsical imagination, their essences have always existed...as the purest elements of every female soul. If you look closely, you'll probably notice a bit of each sage residing within you.

Scroll down and check them out.  Which one is most like you?  Which one is most like your best friend?  Is there one you aspire to be like?  By clicking on a name, check out a sage's E-POSTS.  If you have any posts you'd like ELANCERA to share with the world, click on the "CONTACT US" link at the top of the page and type away. 


ALLIA • savvy 


FYNNE • sentimental 


MELLA • selfless 

Fave Quote: "Vision is the art of seeing things invisible." Jonathan Swift   Her heart is as big as Jupiter and as warm as the sun.   Her smile grows biggest when she lets others win.
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BRELLE • tenacious 


HENNIE • harmonious 


PERCIE • sparkly 

Her eye contact is so captivating it has the ability to mesmerize everyone and everything.   Every inch of her is as warm & fuzzy as cashmere.   People are drawn to her whenever she is nearby. Many want to know the secret to her fabulous hair.
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CHIRE • expressive 


KIELE • sensible 


SAREE• encouraging 

Regularly dances barefoot, at midnight, under the moonlight.   So practical, she wears a functional (yet stylish!) apron even to make toast.   Holds her friends' secrets better than a bank vault could.
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ELTA • gutsy 


LARES • creative 


ZAPHAEL • hopeful 

Dares to go big or go home because life's too short not to.   Sees the world through multi-colored, bedazzled glasses.   Plants baby trees in her spare time... in the garden, in the forest, in the house...
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