STATUS:  Not yet released...still being fiddled with...but oh-so-close to being done :)


From ugly duckling to belle of the ball almost overnight, Andi Hill lands the hottest boyfriend in school, propelling her to the peak of popularity, envied and adored by those she believes really matter.  Her life couldn’t be more perfect until the behavior of some cocky peers triggers her to blurt out a major social faux pas, one worthy of immediate—and harsh—dethroning.

Shunned by everyone she knows, in an attempt to paste her broken life back together, Andi retreats to the solace of her bedroom, where comfort comes from the room’s scenic wall mural and the intrigue that its imagery provides.  If only it were real…

Out of a desperate yearning to regain a position at life’s social pinnacle, Andi engages ALLIA of ELANCERA who escorts her to the land of her dreams, and a resort called Felicity. Once there, the distraught teen is offered pure harmony under the condition that she be submissive, and nothing more than a pretty face. Easier said than done.  When a bout of indiscretion lands her at the epicentre of sheer pandemonium, Andi watches in anguish as her utopian existence, yet again, washes away. In seeking redemption for her actions, she finally realizes the downside of letting others influence what she says and does.

Reawakening with a new outlook on life, a now-dauntless Andi concludes that there’s nothing wrong with being herself and saying what’s on her mind...a realization that opens a door she never imagined existed.