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While exiting a city-centre shopping mall, seven-year-old Lauren Palmer encounters the fright of her life: someone that could easily be her sister, if not for the fact that the stranger is living homeless, in a cardboard box.  The image proves so alarming that, as a means of pretending the meeting never happened, Lauren assumes the alter ego “Laicie,” then stuffs the unwanted memory of the incident away, forever.   All is well and good until, at age fifteen, she's assigned a school project that requires some in-depth study on the subject of…none other than…homelessness.  At the mere thought of coming face to face with that situation again, Laicie feels the effects of the nightmare once more, shattering the harmonious existence she has worked so hard to create. Standing at a crossroad, she must either continue suppressing the memory, or face her fear and move on.  Distraught, she decides that an even better idea is to do whatever it takes to make the assignment go away.

Disillusionment beckons the unleashing of ELANCERA's sage, PERCIE, who has a plan to resolve Laicie’s dilemma once and for all by transporting her a far away destination and surrounding her with strange people-places-things.  While exploring, Laicie confronts a slightly altered version of the fear she so dreads, and though her initial instinct sends her running for the hills, once she discovers the true identity of a girl in present company, she is able to see what she’s been haunted by for so many years.

After reawakening, Laicie completes the school assignment with ease and becomes Lauren once more.  However, it is not until many years later that a chance meeting brings her full-circle to the original childhood terror…for real, resulting in an outcome she could never have imagined would be possible.